Executive Summary

Streamline Savings, Inc. was formed with the main objective of assisting hospitals to reap the benefits of significant cost savings with their supply purchases. With the rising cost of health care, and shrinking insurance reimbursements, hospitals need to find ways to maximize profit margins. Through Streamline's strategic purchasing program, hospitals will see key cost savings that will directly affect their bottom line.

Streamline Savings will operate as an extension to a hospital's Purchasing/Materials Management Department. We will work to streamline the buying process by directly negotiating cost saving across the board for a variety of products. Streamline Savings will accomplish this by working directly with the hospital's vendors and the Purchasing/Materials Management Department to identify those cost saving opportunities.

The Streamline Savings concept represents a no risk opportunity to the hospital. Streamline Savings earns a very small fee and will guarantee the hospital achieves a cost savings. A progressive savings fee schedule is available and can be tailored to fit each hospital's needs and goals.

Cost savings can begin following an exchange of information and a brief meeting. Once a confidentially agreement is signed and a fee schedule is agreed upon, the hospital will provide Streamline Savings with its current price schedule for items purchased.

In addition to generating cost savings, the Streamline Savings solution can also help strengthen the relationship between hospitals and physicians. Streamline Savings will work as a liaison between the hospital and the physicians to create a positive environment so that each party achieves its objective. Streamline Savings model will breath fresh air into the relationships between the hospitals and physicians, as well as hospitals and outside vendors. This positive atmosphere will travel throughout the system and thus will increase patient care!