Why Us

As a CEO you know Medical costs are soaring while reimbursements are dropping. We offer a way that your business can save a significant amount of money on all products purchased most often-e.g.: Pharmaceuticals, Instruments, Implants, Medical Devices.


  • We understand Vendors and know how to achieve better pricing through a consortium.
  • We have 20 years of experience in selling and servicing Hospitals, Physicians and office staff, Pharmacy Directors, CEOs and CFOs.

Open Honest Communication and Mentoring

  • Streamline will work as a liaison between the Hospital and the physicians.
  • We will be an extension to your purchasing department.
  • We will train your buyers during our agreement.


  • We are a contracted negotiation service with incentive to save you as much money as possible since that is how we get paid.
  • There is a small immediate cost to the hospital we will not overcharge you, most of the Streamline fee is based on savings generated.
  • We offer a progressive fee savings schedule.
  • There is minimal cost to the hospital if no savings are generated.